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Linnworks, the Warehouse Management Platform

Having worked for many years now with companies operating in the most diverse fields, we have realized that there’s  a main feature that unites them all: the problems with warehouse management.

The control of stocks and the optimization of warehouse processes are in fact one of the most complex management areas in which to operate.

This is why our team has specialized in the use of software and platforms designed specifically for inventory management.

To do so, we rely on one of the most advanced software on the international market. It is in fact a program that allows many companies around the world to reduce costs and increase efficiency, thus making warehouse management a scalable activity.

We are talking about Linnworks, the software that allows companies to manage and perfect the activities concerning the warehouse. From warehouses to shipments, from stocks to returns: every activity is controlled by one of the most advanced and complete software for warehouse management.

Certainly it’s a complex and elaborate software, but in the hands of experts it guarantees an improvement of companies’ activity.

In many cases, Linnworks has been the program that has allowed that leap in quality that everyone wants for their company. Before understanding better what this software consists of, it is advisable to do a quick analysis on the composition and functioning of the warehouse activities.

You will find that many of these often taken-for-granted activities are key points to work on to get greater returns from business operations.

How to manage a warehouse in an innovative way? Programs and Software for Automation

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is known in Italy under various names.

These include “warehouse management system” or “management software“.

However you want to call this, this component represents a cornerstone of the management of distribution chain. Companies that know the importance of this part of the system know how much the outcome of an activity is unpredictable. Therefore,  they invest substantial sums in the optimization of warehouse processes.

The main goal of this management activity is to control all movements that directly or indirectly depend on the warehouse. This covers the physical movement of materials, storage, shipping and processing each transaction. Having a solid and advanced warehouse management system allows a company to be able to incredibly reduce costs in many ways. Not only it does decrease user expenses directly by reducing management costs, but also indirectly, allowing better use of resources in the warehouse.

Defining the shortest warehouse routes, establishing the timing and quantities most suitable for reducing overlaps and hitches, eliminating risk components related to product decay, perfecting the shipping, return and return systems are just some of the very difficult tasks that worry hundreds of warehouse managers.

Fortunately, however, recently Italy is also experiencing the development of innovation and integration of technology into its market. At all levels. Especially where management is concerned. Unfortunately, in management, the traditional management model is still preferred among Italians, but one change cannot be escaped for long. As a matter of fact, many companies have already adopted innovative automated management systems in various business areas.

Linnworks is a Single Platform for the Optimization of Quantitative Logistics

Back to our main topic, why did we choose Linnworks? And how has it enabled us to successfully satisfy so many of our customers?

The answer is only one: because Linnworks is the best system to manage inventory and optimize warehouse logistics activities!

We can affirm this with 100% confidence. After years of use and practice we have come to have a great knowledge concerning this warehouse management software. Thanks to its great complexity, it allows to cover many functional areas of inventory and so-called warehouse management.

It is specifically designed for large companies that have been able to grow their business and differentiate the types of products, services and customers. Linnworks has a clear and versatile structure to allow the optimization of every movement concerning the warehouse and makes transactions management fluid.

Through the various functions of the program, warehouse management is guaranteed with maximum efficiency. Whether we are talking about the organization of stocks and the control of products available in the warehouse, ensuring shipment or order splitting according to their payment status, this software has proven to be extremely efficient. In short, whatever functional area your warehouse needs to improve, Linnworks offers the tools to do so.

As a matter of fact, through this management software for quantitative warehouse logistics it is not only possible to check product stocks and carry out orders and renewals in optimized times and quantities, but also to manage shipments and payments. Obviously, the program, in addition to managing the warehouse in a technical way, also allows you to create all the necessary documentation to deal with the bureaucracy of the sector. As you may understand, Linnworks is an all-encompassing tool, the best ally of business optimization.

When we talk about the documents that can be created with Linnworks, we mean that you no longer need to worry about those periods of enormous stress at the end of the month. More organized than the best management software, Linnworks guarantees a highly organized and precise billing for each activity carried out.

Targeted and Automated Logistic Decisions with Linnworks

Although each company is different, Linnworks’ warehouse inventory management software has been designed to be the most complete and versatile on the market. Whatever your needs, you can customize the Linnworks functions that best suit your optimization needs. From the simple management function to online invoicing, Linnworks covers all the features that can be optimized within the warehouse activity.

If you still don’t know how your business can be improved, just follow a few steps to find the main points to work on.

First of all, you will need to analyze your business to find what are the fundamental activities of the company, in order to consequently find the needs of the business itself. These needs will be specific to each different operation that is carried out and each of them must receive the same level of attention to protect the chain process.

Making a cost and benefit calculation of having or not a management software for the optimization of warehouse stocks such as Linnworks can therefore be the fundamental step to understand what your company needs. It will therefore be necessary to carefully study the business processes and the relationship that the company has with the outside world, such as the operations that are carried out with suppliers and customers.

Creating a list of essential features that contains all the real requirements and functional needs of the company can therefore be an excellent first step in determining which processes we need to change. A very schematic conceptual scheme can be an excellent example of how to approach this first step to have a clearer vision of the complex activity of warehouse management.

The main objective of Linnworks management software is to contribute to the work, facilitate it and reduce its complexity by automating and optimizing it. It is not proposed as a management method parallel to the current management structure, but it was created to be perfectly integrated with it. Linnworks provides an automated method for performing tasks that, once integrated with the system, provides immediate benefits.

Linnworks, the Efficient and Versatile Warehouse Automation Program

With this single online platform you will be able to combine all your functions and control areas in a single screen and you can finally manage them all together with a single click.

What Makes Linnworks the Best Inventory Management Platform? Flexibility!

The first thing you should aim for when looking for warehouse management software or a platform for online inventory management is flexibility. It is essential that this platform integrates perfectly with the previous method of inventory management not to interrupt business processes.

Linnworks allows you to customize your profile by creating templates or tailor-made billing forms, created by a team of professionals and experts. With a minimum investment you can obtain a tool that will forever avoid the risks associated with poor inventory management. You no longer have to pay attention to those costs that rise month after month and year after year.

The capabilities that Linnworks offers you go far beyond the constant preparation of the inventory or the simple management of the warehouse. We can distinguish five main activities that can be effectively covered by the management platform:

–        Reorder point: Linnworks will be able to inform you when the time comes to reorder a certain product, you just have to set it to a predefined threshold in order to avoid orders that overlap or over time;

  • Asset Control: allows you to constantly check the position of products whether they are in the warehouse, in the store, or in shipment. This is possible thanks to the integration of barcodes into the platform or to the various other methods that Linnworks allows you to use;
  • Service management: this function can be useful for those companies that mainly offer services, as it allows you to break down services into each component and into the individual costs so as to keep track of expenses with greater precision;
  • Product identification: through your preferred method you can trace the entire history of each product;
  • Inventory optimization: to simplify and optimize the company’s work with Linnworks, it is possible to create a system of diagnosis and management by setting the key points for work automation.

Choosing Linnworks as your online inventory management platform will allow your company to increase its functionality, for the benefit of both you and your employees. Thanks to the optimized management of the warehouse, savings and waste are reduced, increasing the possibility of finding new opportunities.

Linnworks will meet your every need, being a management software with extreme flexibility and customizability.

With Linnworks you will be able to integrate all your sales channels, whether they are developed on WooCommerce, Amazon, Ebay or many others.

The Benefits of Implementing Linnworks in Your Operating System

The main reason for introducing Linnworks into your operating system is certainly to significantly increase automation and efficiency levels.

Linnwork provides a simple and cost-effective path to multi-channel distribution, ensuring that the business is scalable.

In fact, once Linnworks has been acquired, it will be very easy to undertake business expansion paths such as taking the path of affiliate marketing.

it is clear that any company that manages a warehouse for a multi-channel ecommerce (namely a single centre that supplies multiple sales channels) is subject to considerable management and maintenance costs.

Organizing the warehouse and making sure to cover inventory losses so as not to incur large debts are real dangers for those who manage this entire structure. Very often one of the most complex problems is to manage is the multichannel itself.

In fact, ensuring that each channel has sufficient products to handle all customer requests, which could overlap and exceed the minimum stock of such a product, creates slowdowns and complications in the business model, such as compensations, refunds or returns.

Linnworks is perfect for this purpose, as it is not necessary to disrupt business activities and processes to implement it. While every single order is still processed, the platform collects information about the inventory and keeps track of products and stocks, automatically synchronizing them across all distribution channels. This way, those situations that are inconvenient to the fluidity of operational processes, such as having to cancel an order because stocks have run out, will be predictable and avoidable thanks to the automated inventory management.

The Chance to Benefit from Affiliate Marketing

As we have already mentioned, it is possible to benefit from affiliate marketing and enter this market that is already worth millions in Italy.

How can Linnworks simplify affiliate marketing? First, you have to consider that this field of online marketing is based on making money online without owning actual products, but only by owning a sales platform through which third-party products are sold. Linnworks will allow you to connect your unique warehouse to as many affiliates as you can, to increase your returns and expand your sales network.

Choose reliability, choose Linnworks!