Online Marketing

Web Marketing is the opportunity for non-profit organizations to transform visitors into donors

having a marketing strategy is not only important with regard to traditional sales, but also in other probably less obvious fields, such as the non-profit sector.

Marketing in this field in fact provides for initiatives capable of creating value, from the creation of leads to the increase in donations.

Why choose to approach a non-profit marketing strategy? There are several more or less large associations of this type and the purpose they all share is clearly to advance their cause by finding leads and donors.

That's why it is important is to be able to emerge.

Non-Profit Marketing aims to be a driver of fundraising, always respecting the identity of the mission and values ​​that are important to the Organization.

A Non-Profit Association must clearly focus on its social and solidarity activities, but at the same time it must not forget the issue of positioning.

That's the reason why it is important to rely on a non-profit web consultancy: at Viva Digital we are experts in this field.

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Third Sector Web Marketing Strategy: An Opportunity For Onlus

Web is a dynamic, flexible and participatory tool for everyone, even for the non-profit sector.

Digital Marketing strategies for NPOs are a constantly evolving environment, always offering new opportunities for this type of organization.

This type of strategic planning can be an opportunity for non-profit organizations, in fact making use of Digital Marketing tools in the various phases of an organization of this kind can lead to an increase in the chances of finding donors online and consequently an increase in the possibilities that these are transformed into online donations.

Given the numerous opportunities it is very important that you choose professionals for a non-profit web consultancy.

Why choose an advertising strategy for Onlus? Among the main reasons given by those who have never donated even if they are interested in a cause, there is the fact that they have not found an online donation system.

Another reason that inhibits users who could be possible donors is the lack of a specific reference of the organization, for example a website or simply a social channel.

Consequently, as for any economic organization, even for non-profit organizations the web is a fundamental channel to be used for conveying information relating to the non-profit organization and its activities and for online non-profit advertising.

Increasing donations and finding supporters online can be much easier than you think, but only if you rely on industry experts like Viva Digital.

The opportunities that arise for non-profit organizations are many, and online can be a powerful advertising channel for non-profit organizations, just being present in this dense digital ecosystem is a plus, through the several channels it will be possible to talk about one's own Onlus and the social objectives that it is intent on pursuing.

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Non Profit Web Consulting: How To Turn Visitors Into Donors

Through these integrated online strategies, NPOs have a powerful tool at their disposal, able to find new volunteers and potential donors and or supporters.

Contacts and conversions can have different final implications, however important, from simple subscription, for example to a newsletter, up to donations.

The fundamental step regarding non-profit online advertising is to tell stories through languages ​​and channels that are able to involve users.

It is important that communication to your community is built and optimized according to cross-channel strategies, clearly without neglecting the analytical aspect, a fundamental point that allows you to verify the effective effectiveness and impact of the different contents on the public, conveyed by the different channels.

It is important to develop a communication strategy through different channels, that's because the Non Profit Organizations carry out socially useful activities, which, in order to be practicable, need consent from the public, this is the reason why also non-profit organizations must resort to strategic marketing tools, creating thus value and interest in its segment and target.

Third sector Web Marketing is also based on Business Model, Mission, Vision and Value Proposition, as well as the communication activities related to them.

It is therefore necessary to reflect on the goals and fundamental values ​​of the activity, developing a marketing and communication strategy in that direction, the final purpose is to attract leads and consequently increase donations by sending a clear and convincing message to the public.

It is true that the Non-Profit Organizations carry out socially useful activities, but it is still necessary to receive consent from their public.

A methodical approach is needed for the dissemination of one's mission, which is why a non-profit web consultancy can be the correct strategy to approach the issue, especially since it is necessary to exploit the methods of strategic marketing in one's favor, for example even Google Grant.

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Advertising for Onlus: Earning Online Supporters

It often happens that operators in the Non-Profit field have mistrust of the adoption of marketing strategies in their sector as well.

That's why relying on experts such as Viva Digital for non-profit web consulting is the winning strategy.

Often Onlus make a mistake by focusing their entire fundraising strategy on crowdfunding and classic activities without adequate advertising, this happens due to the frequent distrust of strategic marketing, often seen as far from the causes of non-profit organizations and consequently not suited for NPO and right only for traditional and purely commercial uses. Mistaken!

Usually a non-profit organization is faced with two types of public: the first is a “primary” public which is made up of the direct recipients of a service; and a secondary public represented by public administrations, financiers and all those involved in the spread of knowledge relating to the activities of the organization.

Although it is clear that even in non-profit organizations it's necessary to use general marketing tools: for example, no NPO can fail to study the markets and segments of its users and target.

We can certainly affirm that the marketing leverages most used in the Non-Profit field are those relating to communication and Public Relations, but also tools such as Google Grant.

First of all, it's necessary that there is a clear strategic planning, which allows for consistent use and works well without wasting resources.

As regards the Marketing Mix, attention must be paid to the different types of organization, their operations and the relationships existing between the subjects.

However, the best strategy is to request a non-profit web consultancy to increase donations to experts like us at Viva Digital.

Google Ad Grants: How to Make Yourself known and Attract Major Donors

Working in the non-profit field means facing difficulties every day, especially as regards researching and making yourself known by donors and volunteers.

But how can you speed up this process? The tools available to get noticed and get a good positioning on the web are the same that are used by commercial companies.

The sponsorship of a non-profit organization is done through television, newspapers, social media and search engines.

The perfect tool to promote your non-profit organization in a completely free way is Google Ad Grants. The method is effective above all because it allows you to be known on the internet just like a normal commercial company.

But how does this resource work? Google Ad Grants is a Google Adwords advertising program created specifically with the goal of supporting non-profit organizations.

Basically, every non-profit organization is given a budget of $ 10,000 per month that can be invested in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, ie the one who placed the advertisement pays only if the user clicks on the ad.

But what are the differences with normal Adwords?

  • First of all the cost of the keywords: you cannot offer more than 2 dollars per keyword.
  • The ads will be placed under the paid ads from Google.
  • There is no remarketing option, only the search network is used.
  • The purpose is Non-profit, which means that Ad Grant cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for direct sales of products.
  • The account must be kept active. Which means if you don't use Google for more than 30 days it will automatically pause it.

As you can see, Google Grant is made specifically for a non-profit organization. Clearly, for this kind of organization, based exclusively on donor income, having the possibility to use such a tool is something not to be underestimated.

Marketing has become essential nowadays if you want to survive, the number of competitors who want to grab the top positions on Google, to attract a greater number of users are many.

Being able to emerge in this world steeped in competitiveness is a challenge that not only engages standard commercial companies, but also non-profit organizations.

More visibility = more visitors = more donors

If people know the organization's website, then there will be a chance that they will donate and participate in the cause, otherwise the odds are very low.

Very often a problem that is found in this type of organizations is an unclear website and consequently inaccurate information on how to transfer money, etc.

These misunderstandings, albeit small, create confusion and cause users to lose patience and interest in the organization.

No service efficiency, no donors.

Money is in fact the indispensable means, we could define it as the engine of non-profit organizations, without the donors the causes could not even have started.

And what is the only way to make this system work then? Advertising.

But to do this you also need to have some kind of experience in marketing. Knowing its secrets and strategies to stand out, to put yourself a step above the others.

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Finding Donors Through Web Marketing

Contacting a Digital Marketing agency is also this: easily solving problems that previously seemed way too big.

In fact, being able to think only of one's own core business is certainly profitable.

The resources to be used in this way for a non-profit organization are numerous, and if the workforce is concentrated exclusively on this, there will be a great result in the short term.

It must also be emphasized that for an association of this kind it is not enough just to have an audience, it must also receive its consent, and therefore its participation.

And it is also the reason why a broad and complete knowledge of the activities carried out within the company will help attract more interested users.

Today online is the platform par excellence. Like it or not, each of us uses the phone most of the time, both to communicate and to stay updated on world news or simply on what our friends or relatives are doing during the day.

We view posts on Instagram and Facebook, we search for information on Google, we check emails: we are literally bombed with inputs every minute that makes up our day. Online activities are numerous, the internet is a world unto itself, so huge that you can really get lost.

"Having the access keys"To the phone of each of our potential users is a very powerful weapon.

In this way our organization will not only be more successful, because people will know it better, but it will also have a direct link to a possible way of money transfer.

We need to know how to manage these tools to pursue our goals. Relying on a communication agency like Viva Digital is already a guarantee.

Viva Digital is in fact a team of experts in the field and this certainly will assure your success.