Green Initiatives

We are Carbon Neutral! We offset the CO2 emissions we produce

Viva Digital has become Carbon Neutral!

Our sector, that of digital marketing, represents a type of work that does not directly employ large natural resources and therefore our impact on the environment is rather limited. We too, however, leave a little one climate footprint and we have set ourselves the goal of neutralizing our environmental impact by implementing an effective one climate strategy. For this reason we have decided to offset CO2 emissions that we produce with our work to become Carbon Neutral.

To achieve this we have chosen to support financially Mossy Earth, an association committed to the fight against climate change through reforestation initiatives, restoration of natural ecosystems and protection of biodiversity. Thanks to our contribution Mossy Earth will be able to plant every year 48 trees which will offset all our direct CO2 emissions.

Becoming Carbon Neutral with Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth offers companies, schools and individuals the opportunity to offset their climate footprint by supporting reforestation projects and the protection of ecosystems spread between Europe and the African continent. In fact, the association is currently operating not only in various European countries (including Scotland, Spain, Iceland and Romania), but also in Namibia, South Africa and Madagascar.

Its team of biologists and agronomists has the task of selecting the initiatives that allow us to offer the best contribution to our planet. In this the association has the certainty of invest funds as efficiently as possible.

In addition, those who decide to support Mossy Earth become part of one large community that is considered as an effective part of the association team. As members of this community platforms we are therefore always consulted in the process of selecting future projects and with a vote we are called to express our preferences.

In fact, the association's team is committed to developing tools that allow all members of the community to assess the positive impact of projects who are supporting, through 360 ┬░ photographs, GPS coordinates and regular updates on on-site activity.

La transparency of Mossy Earth both in the expenditure of funds and in the choice of projects is the element, of which we are very proud, that led us to choose to become part of this reality.

How to join this community?

Collaborating with this association has made us understand that our contribution is important, but it is not enough. We want to do more and have thought about using this space to promote Mossy Earth and its goals as we believe they are fundamental for the well-being of the entire planet.  

We therefore want to ask you, dear reader, to become part of this beautiful project too clicking here. This link, being shared by us who are an active member of the community, has a greater reach than a normal subscription.

If you sign up through our link, Mossy Earth will commit to planting 4 extra trees in both your project and ours. There are 8 more trees on our planet, 8 trees that can make a difference! 

If you would like more information on this association, we suggest you watch the numerous videos uploaded to his Youtube channel that highlight the goodness of their projects and the extraordinary dedication of a team that really cares about the protection of our planet.