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Network marketing, what is it and why is it growing?

What are the new ones sales strategies in our digitized society? Nowadays we hear of all kinds. The digital revolution has in fact led to an innumerable multiplication of possibilities and innovative sales methods. Perhaps there is a method that more than others has established itself in these times, a method already present and known but that with the advent of digitization has grown considerably: network marketing. This sales method involves independent agents who, as "salesmen", are called upon to expand their network of customers to include them within the network as well. By providing products or services, agents are tasked with engaging customers in the sales process. So the underlying scheme of networking is to transform a customer into an agent, ready to work for the company.

How does network marketing work?

The origins of network marketing have been quite bizarre when you think about what level it presents itself to today this business model. The sector in recent years has grown by 20-30% per year, between 4000 and 5000 companies today apply network marketing techniques to move within the market, billing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The logic that outlines the structure of network marketing is based on a form of different compensation than any other business reality. Basically the agent will earn more money based on his ability to involve as many customers as possible in the business. The advent of social media has allowed a great development of these realities. Through these channels, customer engagement was much easier and faster.

In addition to the direct sale of products, another source of income is that deriving from sales results of the collaborators of its own network. For this reason, in network marketing, the creation of your own team is of fundamental importance. To achieve this, the skill of the agents is one of the critical success factors, along with obviously the skill of find leads you can contact to expand your team. Thanks to the new digitization, which allows for more flexible and effective networking, this type of business is becoming increasingly decisive and attractive within the market.

The key: a good strategy

Once you have seen the main dynamics of network marketing, it is necessary to understand what are the best strategies and how to approach this world in a winning way. For those who enter this new landscape for the first time, it is almost impossible to think of doing it completely alone. To take the first steps it is necessary to rely on experts in the sector and get help from the "experienced" subjects of network marketing in the various phases and various activities of this business

The first strategy that can come to mind when it comes to network marketing may be sales. Product sales are the core business that drives this profitable sector. Have a sales strategy it is complex, it is not something that can be possessed overnight but it is a process that grows through different sources. The good seller is the one who is capable of create relationships with customers, is the one who is able to manage these relationships making them profitable for his goals.

This is always the case, because once you have established a relationship of trust with the customer, the whole long-term growth process will be easier. We have seen how network marketing is also based on recruiting new sellers able to expand the business. It is clear that this expansion process is closely linked to the relationship capacity of those who work in this world. Transmitting charisma, passion, efficiency are fundamental elements to aspire to success in network marketing. You need to be able to evaluate people and manage their performance, and then motivate them to do better.

Professional marketing for MLM success

As the term implies, multi level marketing is all about levels. Business has a structure of several steps; the commissions, and therefore the earnings of the networkers, increase with the climbing of the various steps. Logically, the closer a subject gets to the top, the more profitable his commissions are. When a collaborator joins the network, he enters the "step" directly below the one who let him in. Just like a transmission chain, those who are in the higher levels will receive a commission, and therefore a gain, even for those who are brought in by collaborators placed “below”.

For anyone who enters this system it is necessary rely on communication and marketing professionals.

An agency can help a networker with an incredible possibility of means to be able to expand their network, quickly reaching the top of the pyramid. It is thanks to the independence of these collaborators that everyone can manage their communication as they see fit. But there is a fact: the collaborators who have been successful are those who have entrusted the management of communication to marketing professionals. It is a complex world, made up of a thousand variables and where everyone competes to achieve the same success. A real obstacle course that must be faced with the right means.

Lead Generation for Network Marketing

What is the best way to be able to find new customers or new people to contact in order to expand your team?

Obviously have a systematic method for generating new leads. Have your own process Lead generation for Networking Marketing. Lead generation is an activity that has as its goal the acquisition and the lead generation interested in your business. This is a fundamental activity for network marketing, without it it would not be possible to reach users taking an interest in the business quickly and efficiently.

To acquire new leads is important have a basic strategy which starts from coming into contact with the target audience, that is the public interested in what is being proposed to them. Once you reach the right audience through a text that captures their attention and appealing calls to action, you can ask them for their contact details so that you can contact them again to offer them the service.

Through performing channels, the company will be able to intercept and convert interested users into potential customers or even networkers of its team. How is this goal achieved? Surely rely on a professional agency of digital marketing that will activate a series of activities of lead nurturing and will constantly monitor the results obtained. As mentioned, lead generation can offer a great deal competitive advantage to companies that decide to include it in their strategic marketing plan. Abandon the traditional approach to aim for a digital orientation dedicated to the definition of the target and the typical customer, so as to be able to communicate better and obtain better results.

How to use Google Ads for your Network

In the new digital revolution, you cannot expect to be successful and have new contacts without investing in online ads. Google Ads it's the base; its use is essential to obtain visibility but few know how to use it effectively.

Il networker thanks to this method has the possibility to create his own communication campaign, to direct it towards very precise parameters (based on parameters such as geographical origin, age, gender) and to position itself at the top of searches, in a much more visible way than the competition of other networkers. Paying for traffic may not be enough, in addition to the certainty that users see your ad, you need to have the skill and intelligence to focus on effective but not too contested keywords. These keywords are those words used by the customer to search for a product or information about it. Wrong keywords they could nullify all your investment in these campaigns. A Google Ads campaign effective focuses on specific keywords that are the result of important studies on the market and various field tests: and it is for this reason that it is always advisable to contact a professional agency.

Facebook Ads is useful in the Network marketing?

By reconnecting to the Lead generation, through Facebook Ads you will be able to target your potential customers much more easily. You can indeed surround people interested in the product based on their interests and socio-demographic data. It will be much easier to create targeted advertisements according to the parameters collected following an effective campaign. Thanks to Facebook Ads you can also create forms to be filled out by interested people with their contacts in order to draw up a list of client leads. All while remaining on the same platform as Facebook, so even the laziest users will leave their data. To answer the title question, Facebook can become a real ally for network marketing and consequently for your business, but only if it is used in the correct way. To carry out these campaigns you can rely on experts in the sector who will help you set goals, select the details of the campaign (target, budget, timing, offer) and type of ad so as to obtain enormous results in a short time and without precarious advertising budget.

Here are some tips for making facebook ads campaigns for network marketing.

Network Marketing and Instagram Identity

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, not only to share your photos with our friends, but also for grow your network. To make an activity known by as many people as possible, you need to have one strong identity and this must also stand out through the images we publish on your corporate account. Some networks force their networkers to use a certain style for their various posts Instagram, in this case it is good to learn the best way to set these images in such a way consistent between your profile and that of the network. On the other hand, when you have a white carat, things get a little more complicated. To do highlight our profile le images I'm all, these being the heart of Instagram. Posts must represent the identity of the brand and convey the company's values ​​to all visitors to the profile. Obviously the most important thing is to have creativeness, the more innovative and unique the post is, the more customers it will attract. This also applies to the stories, very useful tool to keep users updated on the latest news and offers. The watchword for optimizing your business page is visual marketing: creating quality, varied, and consistent content is the key. Besides, they should never lack of motivational, educational and engagement posts in order to engage customers and create a relationship of trust.

The power of a marketing consultancy

All our analysis on the world of multi level marketing has led us to a final and decisive point: the marketing strategy to be adopted to be successful. Previously we mentioned a medium that Google can offer thanks to its advertising methods. It is clear that there are many means by which digital marketing can be done, many of these very complex. This is not where we will go into the details of these means, suffice it to say that given their industriousness only experts know how to use them efficiently and effectively. This is precisely our final step; to be successful in network marketing there is only one way: rely on digital marketing professionals.

A marketing consulting agency like ours, which specializes in network marketing, can give you an incredible range of benefits. First of all, it can give you a careful analysis of your business model and your communication model, so as to clearly define the starting point and then base all the subsequent strategy. In fact, subsequently will be able to indicate a very specific marketing strategy, customized according to the various needs and expectations of the networker; clearly a marketing agency specializing in this business will have different plans based on the position that the networker has in the network. All this clearly using all the means and techniques that only a specialized agency can possess, such as extensive differentiation and extensive use of communication multichannel. The strength therefore lies in the professionalism and experience of those who have been dealing with for years digital marketing in MLM. The whole project is managed by a well-established and established team. It is therefore clear that relying on specialists drastically reduces the possibility of failure to achieve objectives. A choice of this type in a business such as multi level marketing is the best choice; everything is based on communication in finding possible customers and possible new cooperators.

Social Network Experts

It is clear that for a networker i social networks are the most important area where you can find new customers. For the reason already explained above, it is clear that even here the management of social networks done by a marketing professional takes on much more importance. Phrases managing a social network with professionalism and attention has often resulted decisive for successful networkers. Social networks allow you to connect with a huge range of new customers as well than to retain those already conquered. Only a deep knowledge of these digital means can lead you to satisfactory results. It is not difficult to understand how this knowledge belongs to agencies specializing in digital communication. This is because each social network has a different language. All contents must be studied, understood and analyzed; all based on the characteristics of the networker. There are also channels like Facebook that give you the ability to create paid ads just like Google. These means clearly require different skills from those of a "classic profile". Social management is a key to success in multilevel marketing; it requires experience, study and obviously professionalism.

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