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Labolsina: Original and fashionable bags

The brand Labolsina was born from an intuition of Margherita Vaghi, the founder, in recycling precious fabrics previously used to furnish luxury hotels.

His passion for making quality products has been lovingly transferred to the eco-chic bags, completely sustainable and handcrafted. Labolsina in fact, it offers unique, original and fashionable pieces.

But let's travel together to discover how this innovative idea was born, which struck us right away.

Can we start with a brief description of your company?

Labolsina was founded in 2010.

It's an brand of bags, but not only, whose main idea is based on the recovery of tissues once destined to furnish luxury hotels.

Fabrics that have accumulated over more than 40 years during the family business that worked in the hotel contract at high levels.

What is your role within the company?

I am the creator of the project. Labolsina it is as if it were my creature, a way to express who I am, mine creativeness, my world made of many colors and patterns.

What are your duties?

I take care of the design, I follow the production and I always look for new marketing ideas.

What career path led you to reach this position?

I studied how art director, worked in advertising agencies, also embraced the world of textiles through the family business. This path then led me to define my work idea that could include creativeness, design e "Fabrics.

How was the company born?

Company Labolsina was born only a few years ago, before the brand was under the mother hat of the family company. Then I felt the need to give her an identity of her own, free from everything.

What are your flagship products / services?

Surely the bag "lamonedera double”, An easy and fun bag in which created by the pairing of 2 detachable sachets: a skin and the other in fabric. They are mainly unique pieces because the fabrics used come from small scraps of fabrics put aside over the years.

Another iconic and recognizable model is "large rhombus labaulè”, The gray-black rhombus has defined the soul of my brand right from the start. The first bags were packed with the original fabric from the 80s found in the warehouse. I immediately wanted to pair this fabric with a red zip that played an important contrast. After these years of experimentation, I believe that this bag is the one that best reflects the brand.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Surely the variety of fabrics and the rhombus design that wants to become an element of brand recognition. In this sense, I make panels on the rhombus design in which I combine 2 or 3 fabrics that come laser cut and then coupled with a high frequency process. The result is a new fabric unique and unrepeatable.

Who is your typical customer?

They are women who like uniqueness but also respect for a conscious production, reduced to a few pieces in which there is attention for each individual detail. Women who love craftsmanship, the colors and patterns.

What are the future plans for your company?

Expanding production from accessories to furnishing accessories and clothes.

How do you see your market in the next 5 years?

I'd like Labolsina was recognized as a brand it always has respected consumption and waste.

Fabrics are recovered to give it a new life, through transformation processes.

In this sense, I would like the market to give much more importance to the quality of projects, ideas, creativity, allowing even small brands like mine to be more visible.

How are you approaching the issue of digitization?

I believe in digital and its potential, such as the possibility through ecommerce to reach a specific target of people all over the world. A few months ago I decided to invest in the agency on a monthly basis Long live Digital in order to improve the SEO.

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