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Morandi Tappeti: a centuries-old tradition projected into the future

Reference point of the sector, over the years Morandi Carpets has become synonymous with guarantee and reliability. The quality of the products and the taste with which the collections are selected are the strengths on which the brand is able to build and maintain trust of its customers and to earn a place at the top of the rankings of the companies they deal with Antique, Modern and Contemporary Carpets.

Fabio Morandi, owner of the shops and art gallery based in Tuscany, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, cares about his carpets, which he treats with painstaking care. The choice of each carpet follows not only the taste of the owner but also meticulous characteristics related to its quality, which make it a unique piece of its kind.

Morandi knows well that the carpets chosen are not just a piece of furniture, but one form of art and an investment for the future that he, as an ambassador of such beauty, decides to entrust to the care of his trusted customers.

During his interview, Morandi tells the story of his company, the passion that has accompanied him in these 50 years of activity during which he added the online store and digital marketing. Morandi Carpets is one of Viva Digital's success stories where the past and the future merge: a secular product is presented and promoted on the web always winking to the future with increasingly innovative ideas.

Let's start with the story, how can we describe Morandi Tappeti's business?

If there is still a need to describe my business after fifty years, it means that I have absolutely everything wrong.

What are your duties?

My job can be summarized in one term: factotum

In the morning when I enter one of my shops, sometimes even in a very rude way, before saying goodbye I complain if I find a light off, I empty the closet to make order, I adjust a shutter and check that everything is always in order.

What career path led you to reach this position?

I can assure you that I was never interested in "making a career", in fact at 66 I am still the same, controversial rebellious boy, intolerant of hypocrisies and certainly politically uncorrect.

Describing my life path is a bit complex. First of all, my professional and private life have no real dividing line. Let's say that the vicissitudes of life have had an influence on me and consequently on my work.

How was the company born?

A company was never born. Mine was born as, and still remains, one individual company. I know perfectly well that I would have many advantages in transforming it into a limited liability company or in other more advantageous forms from a fiscal point of view but I believe, based on my company policy and for ethical correctness, that I have to respond in person with the personal capital of all my actions. . This factually confirmed attitude means that I enjoy the extreme trust of my customers and that I can buy large quantities of carpets on the basis of my word alone. Morandi is Guarantee of trust in the world.

I grew up between my father's farm and the shop of my merchant mother.

Although everyone believes that I have taken on the characteristics of my mother, a seller and shopkeeper of the past, I feel much more similar to the farmer who sows to be able to reap, who cares about his company. However, I cannot fail to acknowledge to my mother the great merits of having opened and led the carpet trade to success with an attitude, sacrifice and determination. At the end of the 80s, when I had already been driving there for over ten years Morandi Carpets  di Piasaroni Teresa (mother) I broke away from the business to have more management space I opened the shop in Crema and at the same time the import of carpets.

What are your flagship products / services?

Contrary to what they taught me in university, I have never followed trends, I have never focused on a specific kind of carpet but selected according to my personal taste antique rugs of high antiques and contemporary rugs of art design.

In the 80s, when Persian rugs became widespread, exploiting a decrease in price due to the decline in the quality of wool, dyes and knotting, I preferred to recommend Pakistani rugs finely knotted with hand-spun wool, vegetable dyes and double knots. Persian.

Today customers thank me e they are my best PR.

My articles are managed and selected according to some principles that I take into consideration according to their priority:

1) Strictly hand-knotted rugs with the Persian knot;

2) Carpets that give me the guarantee of maintain value over time (the Morandi Guarantee gives the possibility to change the carpet even after many years);

3) Large size rugs expressive force (for this choice I have an almost histrionic intuition);

4) I never mention all the after-sales services as I believe they are due, then assistance, warranty, washes and restorations highly professional are reserved exclusively for our customers.

What sets you apart from the competition?

I consider those who do my job not as a competitor but as a companion in fortune or in misfortune, depending on how you want to see it. With some of them I share the passion for carpets, with others the seriousness, with others still the competence. However, I think, not modestly, that I am a real one unicum in knowing how to identify and best enhance the creative force and decorative beauty of the rugs I propose.

On the site each carpet has a detail sheet with the technical characteristics in which there is also my comment that brings out the emotion that the carpet offers. In this regard, also on my Blog there is a page with the name: "Feel The Carpet".

Who is your typical customer?

The customer who truly manages to take advantage of the products I offer is the one who can understand that he is not facing a "trader" but an enthusiast. She generally has already heard of me, read my comments, my blog or some of my stories. He knows that he will always be told the truth even if he is uncomfortable. My client has a much higher IQ than average he knows how to go beyond many superstructures, he knows how to interpret, sift through information by passing it through the filter of logic. He has a strong personal taste and manages to express it by interacting with me in the choice.

What are the future plans for your company?

Mine is one small, dynamic and flexible company, knows how to adapt to the times. It starts from a tradition of extreme seriousness and precision, with solid economic and cultural foundations and is ready to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead, as in the past. knows how to be resilient. The experience of many years on the web has taught me to look beyond the immediate, beyond the contemporary. The stylistic researches aimed at finding the graphics to be applied to the carpets are already considering a world halfway between the physical matter and the idea of ​​the material itself.

With this in mind, I designed and made available the collections of NFT Old Carpets e Contemporary Carpets in which the image, the material and the idea of ​​the object interpenetrate, preparing the carpets to adapt to the Metaverse. Morandi's carpets are ready for the future.

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