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Tax Incentives and Vouchers for Business Digitization

Increasingly important in a country's economic environment is the ability to communicate and do business online. The most advanced economies are betting everything on services and the Italian state has also taken this goal to heart.

To meet the ever-changing needs of businesses, there are numerous tax incentives that the state or regions periodically make available to companies that decide to invest in this sector.

When we talk about incentives, what are we referring to? They are incentives that the state provides to help small business owners or businesses.

The Italian state is pushing more and more in this direction and believes in progress. In a period of evolution of communication, will digitization save our country?

We believe so and companies that do not lag behind in this field will be able to lay important foundations for their future.

What are Digitization Incentives?

Incentives for digitization support small and medium-sized enterprises or start-ups. These are tenders or vouchers proposed by the government at a national level (broad network) or at a local level (limited network). The incentives for digitization are financial aid which concern the reduction of taxes for some companies or job concessions; or in the case of large companies, the State takes on part of the investment that a company makes to digitize its online presence.

The incentives for digitization are therefore economic resources made available to companies interested in modernizing their online presence and expanding their range of action thanks to the web. Il government proposes tenders, competitions or vouchers in order to optimize business processes and invest in communication e dealer online.

The goal is simple, to create jobs and wealth.

Those who can use vouchers and participate in tenders benefit from a specific economic advantage. The amount of the contribution varies and falls within a ceiling set by the government or local authority. The contributions can be used by companies that decide to invest in projects related to the world of the web, online advertising or other forms of digitization. The precise parameters vary according to the call.

Obviously, to win the competition, the requirements must be met and the applications completed (usually online) within the set deadline. The accountant is the most suitable person to follow the process, but in most cases it is not complicated for the small business owner to proceed with the compilation of the proposal independently. All the notices are authentic to legislative decrees and precise regulations.

What activities can be financed with digitization vouchers?

The precise answer must be found in the specification of the notice in question.

In general, these calls include a series of activities that have the objective of extend the level of digitization and the online presence of requesting companies. Among these activities we find a series of activities related to Digital Marketing:

Il positioning on search engines (SEO), advertising campaigns on GOogle Adwords and Social Media, Investments in the development of new E-commerce platforms, Web sites o App, as well as everything related to online communication and related activities.

In general, therefore, investments in the digital sector are included. In any case, it is always advisable to discuss with your accountant to accurately interpret each specific announcement.

Who can use vouchers and incentives?

The vouchers and incentives for digitization are reserved for companies, both of individuals and of capital. Individual firms are therefore included, unless otherwise indicated in the specific call.

In general, the objective of this tool is to make companies more competitive by giving them the opportunity to make targeted investments in a rapidly expanding sector which is essential for being competitive in an increasingly digital market.

Where to find the necessary information?

The information regarding the various calls can be found on the official websites of the entities that sponsor them, such as ministerial sites or of governmental or regional bodies.

Another solution is to subscribe to our specific newsletter for this type of news. Our company offers this service free of charge. We will send you an email whenever a new call or incentive for digital activities is published.

Why do public bodies finance digitization?

The incentives for digitization aim to improve the country's economic fabric. More modern and digital companies they can compete better in an increasingly globalized and increasingly digital world. The goal of the government and the regions is precisely this: to help companies make a qualitative leap and evolve on the web / digital sector.

This strategy has yielded important results in countries where it has been implemented, particularly in the countries of northern Europe, England and Germany. Similar initiatives have been able to give impetus to the economy and the entire social fabric has benefited from them.

Italian public bodies are replicating this strategy that has proved successful in other countries, supporting entrepreneurs who are more willing to change.

Having a financial instrument capable of guaranteeing coverage and iInvestments is a concrete and important help available to Italian companies.

What does it mean to digitize your business?

In these years where the Internet is becoming more and more important and stronger, even in the world of business and of e-Commerce, digitize your business it is no longer just a "whim" or an investment, but rather almost an obligation.

Digitizing could lead to economies of scale, which in turn could lead to a increased productivity.

First of all digitization is a process, not a single service, digitizing your business can change the results of your business.

Digitization is now a mandatory must to compete in today's market, it is necessary to question oneself, to change the way of doing certain things, looking for each step related to one's workflow (work processes).

Digitization allows you to speed up times as much as possible, thus allowing half to be used in carrying out a specific activity.

Digitization must become an integral part of your business processes, it will allow streamline certain daily operations and consequently introduce cost and time savings, simply by adopting some digital device.

The objectives of each step to aim for, towards the complete digitalization of your company must be three: economic savings, increased productivity, increased safety.

An effective digital approach could be to virtualize only a part or all of your company's servers externally, thus making the data accessible with different hierarchical degrees for each user, this would also allow each user to access it from anywhere, only thanks to an Internet connection, even from a mobile device.

Thanks to digitization it is also possible increase the security of your data, relying on certified cloud structures, through which it will be possible to create secure copies of all the company's documentary material, all this while minimizing costs and maintaining IT infrastructures, but also optimizing the daily operations of its staff.

The costs would thus become scalable and according to the particular needs of the moment.

Server virtualization costs are lower than the annual maintenance cost of a non-digitized enterprise, while also making you operational and compliant with all security regulations.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Digitize Your Business

Do you want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors? Now you no longer have to focus only on the product or service you offer, but also on the way - where and when - this is offered.

Even if you are a small or medium-sized business, you need to think about the future, investing in your digitization, the risk associated with not embarking on a digital transformation path is to lag behind one's competitors, therefore also with respect to competitiveness, which is fundamental in an increasingly globalized market.

It is the SMEs that above all need to take a step forward in the direction of the most advanced technologies.

Italian companies cannot underestimate the importance of renewing themselves by digitizing processes to face the challenges that will arise on future markets.

An important contribution will come from knowing how to exploit technologies in the best possible way to better organize and manage workflows and internal and external business processes.

First of all digitization will lead to an improvement in the performance of your business, rethinking and automating complex activities and workflows helps in saving time and speeding up production processes within the business. The increase in performance consequently also leads to the business model improvement.

Another important strategy to follow is the elimination of activities of low added value, in fact how the time of resources is spent is very important for the company, it must be mainly dedicated to carrying out activities of value for the business. Automation and outsourcing low added value will allow your business to become more profitable.

Improvement of internal corporate communication, in fact automating processes allows greater cooperation and sharing of information even between employees and collaborators, this will lead to an improvement in corporate performance.

La digitization of your company will also lead to a reduction in errors, this therefore saves time and maximizes production.

Automating processes and activities also increases the enhancement and empowerment of staff, allowing work flexibility and even remote work, all this makes the staff more productive and also responsible.

The results will always be under control thanks to the digitalization of your businessIn fact, this process will allow you to monitor your business activities and performance in real time, data analysis can be used to set up corrective actions to improve the performance and efficiency of business processes.

It will come too improved customer relationship management, thanks to the possibility of sharing information combined with the automation of marketing operations.

It will also be easier the acquisition of lead thanks to Marketing Automation, in fact, the company will have the opportunity to undertake campaigns aimed at a highly targeted audience interested in the product.

Consequently too the customer experience will be improved, through the automation of customer relationship management processes, thus improving external communication, speeding up responses and requests. Thanks to digitalization, the company will be able to offer a new experience to its users and potential customers.

Finally digitization will strengthen the growth of your business, automation and digitization will lead to increased productivity.

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The Benefits of Digitizing a Company

As already mentioned, the advantages of digitalization are different, not only for the company itself, but also for customers.

Many companies have already decided to innovate from this perspective, thus investing in automation and digitization.

I reasons that prompted them to take this step are different, but let's see some of them together.

  • The higher the productivity, the fewer the errors, the key concepts in digitization are greater efficiency and higher security in all departments of the company. From investments in manufacturing robots, 3D printers, augmented reality and nanotechnology, these are all fields that have helped the company grow and improve, also making procedures more robust, with fewer errors and optimizing costs. Criticalities, costs and waste have thus been reduced, moving towards a more virtuous digital agency.
  • Another important reason that should push a company to innovate is the possibility of improving products and studying new ones, this will also lead to greater competitiveness and greater openness on the markets. Consequently, the turnover would also increase.
  • Decisions become safer and more manageable, even when the information load is very high. This also facilitates understanding and data analysis.


These are some of the main reasons that should push a company towards digitization, especially considering the incentives and the numerous and evident advantages.

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Who to ask for information on incentives?

For detailed information on incentives, it is advisable to read the announcement itself.

The accountant is another figure predisposed to this type of question.

Alternatively you can write us an email e ask us, one of our consultants will be able to guide you and explain the main characteristics of each call.

In conclusion, incentives for digitization are an interesting tool for companies that operate online and being able to take advantage of economic aid is an important competitive advantage that leads to concrete results.

To stay informed about the next incentives for digitization, subscribe to our incentives newsletter and you will receive a preview of all the information relating to the next digital incentives.

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