Green Initiatives

Our Contribution to Reforestation and Rewilding

We at Viva Digital have become Carbon Neutral because by financially supporting the initiatives of Mossy Earth we offset our CO2 emissions.

We are currently supporting three different initiatives. The first is concerned with the reforestation of some areas of Iceland through the reintroduction of native birch trees. The other two initiatives are instead dedicated to interventions by rewilding in Slovakia and Portugal, aimed at the reintroduction of animal and plant species and the protection of endangered species.

One of the strengths of this association is his transparency which allows us to be constantly updated on the progress of the initiatives we support through our monthly donation. We have therefore decided to adopt the same principle of transparency to communicate to our readers as our donation to Mossy Earth it turns into a concrete intervention in favor of our planet.

The reforestation project in Iceland

Il reforestation project in Iceland aims to planting new birch trees in a degraded and eroded area on the west coast of the island. According to estimates made by Mossy Earth, once the surface of Iceland was covered for 25-40% by birch forests; the excessive exploitation of wood as fuel and the creation of grazing areas has meant that today this percentage is reduced to 1,5%.

By supporting this project, organized by Mossy Earth in collaboration with the Iceland Forest Service, we will help plant 4 trees every month, for a total of 48 trees per year.

With your contribution, however, this number can grow!

In fact, if you too decide to start supporting this project, we ask you to do it through our link. This link, shared by us who are an active member of the community, will give a higher value to your membership as Mossy Earth will plant 4 extra trees in our project and 4 extra trees in your project, for a total of 8 more trees.

The initiatives of rewilding in Portugal and Slovakia

Thanks to Mossy Earth we were able to support an initiative linked to protection of four species of snails endangered present on an island of the Madeira archipelago. The purpose of this beautiful project is to save the snails currently living on the island and at the same time to encourage their proliferation to ensure the long-term survival of all four species.

Our monthly donation a Mossy Earth it also allowed us to support a project aimed at reconstruction of marshy areas in Slovakia. We have chosen to support this initiative, linked to the "Climate Heroes" program, as it will make it possible to create a habitat suitable for numerous animal and plant species as the marshy areas present themselves as one of the richest ecosystems on our planet. Furthermore, these habitats are capable of absorbing an enormous amount of CO2, equal to 1.290 tons per year!

We hope, dear reader, to be able to convey our enthusiasm towards an extraordinary association such as Mossy Earth.

If you, like us, want to become an active member of this beautiful community, we encourage you to use il our link and we remind you the possibility of get our free consultation.

Help us save our planet too!