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Facebook Your New Ally: Complete Guide

Facebook (and the related PPC platform, Facebook Ads) is probably the best known, most popular and most loved social network on the web. It was born from an idea of ​​Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and has grown exponentially up to the present day. It is a free web service which counts today over 2 billion subscribers spread all over the world.

Those who use it since its creation have had the opportunity to witness unprecedented development and growth of this social Network. From the News to the Notice Board, from Status to photos and videos, from Tags to Timeline, from Facebook Ads to Stories: Facebook has revolutionized the way of living and socializing, the way of relating to the world, of communicating and sharing, even the way of perceive time.

By now the features of Facebook are known by - almost - anyone. In summary, each user, in addition to looking for new and old friends, has the ability to share news, upload photos and videos, share their thoughts, chat with friends and create groups or pages on topics of interest to them and others.

Registration is quick and easy, just enter some data and that's it. Facebook allows you to have your own web page always active and at your fingertips thanks to the app that can be easily downloaded on any mobile device.

All for free.

Facebook has revolutionized the way of life, to talk and socialize. But Zuckerberg has also upset the universe of marketing and its traditional paradigms, so much so that he deserves the 13th place among the most influential men in the world according to Forbes.

Our complete guide on Facebook will allow you to discover all the potential of this social network in the field of marketing and understand how to make the most of them for your business.

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Marketing is revolutionized thanks to Facebook

In a society that is founded on a process of memorability, it absolutely becomes a presence on social media is necessary for a company. In fact, through a social network like Facebook it is possible engage the audience online, profile it and proceed with targeted and targeted communication thanks to the collection and analysis of data.

The presence on social networks reinforces the image of a company as the public perceives one greater proximity and greater ability to listen by the business towards users. And this closeness can be ensured through tools such as i Chat boot that we will discover in the next chapters of this guide.

Furthermore, the possibilities offered by this social network in the field of marketing are varied. Facebook offers the best tools for one online marketing campaign, thanks to Facebook Ads which allows you to create real online advertisements. Thanks to Facebook can increase the visibility of your brand creating engagement with their audience. The possibility of collect and analyze data, which allow the profiling of their audience and the sending of targeted advertisements.

All this, in the broader vision, leads to a consolidation of the relationship with already acquired customers and at the same time allows to procure new potential users and customers.

Facebook therefore brings great advantages not only in the pre-sale phase, but also in the subsequent and even more important one after-sales as it facilitates dialogue and the collection of feedback.

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Chatbot: the future of Facebook Messenger

The Facebook social platform also has a 'instant messaging application: Facebook Messenger.

Its functionality is not just that of a classic chat that can put two people in contact. Indeed, do Marketing through Facebook Messenger it is possible and easy, if not obligatory.

Among the most innovative tools developed and used so far we certainly find the Chat Bot on Facebook Messenger. We've all heard of it, but what are they in practice?

These are software based on Artificial Intelligence technologies, developed with the aim of interacting through the chat of the instant messaging app in an automated way, thus allowing the presence and response to the main requests with a frequency of 24 out of 24, seven days. the week.

Why choose Facebook Messenger as a platform for your bot?

The answer is very simple and lies in the numbers; in fact, the app is used by around 1.3 billion people around the world. Potentially, therefore, it would allow you to reach a huge number of customers. Also, with a good strategy that maybe even includes bots, you could get a competitive advantage over your competitors, as this platform is still little known and therefore not very busy. Without forgetting the speed of response and interaction that you could offer your customers in this way.

But exactly, how Chatbots work on Facebook Messenger?

It is software that can simulate human behavior. The chat botin fact, it will be able to carry out a pre-set conversation with a user independently. The ultimate goal is build customer loyalty. Acquiring new customers and being able to keep them is very important, as losing them would cause not only an economic problem, but also as regards the image. Once a new customer has been acquired, it is therefore important to keep him and retain him, collecting his own feedback, his comments, his proposals and his ideas: in short, having an interaction with him.

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Facebook Shop: a new tool for your business

Facebook also has a section called Facebook Shop, which is one virtual showcase where you can create and manage your own shop on Facebook.

This service was made available so for free from Facebook and allows you to refine the shopping experience for your customers, making your products easier to find. With this service the transaction will last only a few clicks and without ever leaving the social network.

The main advantages of the use of Facebook Shop are:

  • Create a new experience which takes place directly on the social network
  • Create your online showcase directly on the most populated online market in the world
  • Make your shop reachable also from Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp

When a shop is created on Facebook, it is possible to offer customers a catalog of products to choose from and buy your products, all through the shop on your company page. The shop can be created following the style of your brand and you decide the products to be sold by creating a specific product catalog.

This way you can make e sell your products in a simpler and more direct way, this is because your products will appear in the Facebook feed. Furthermore, through the product tag, which you can apply to all your posts, users will be able to buy immediately.

In the United States, Facebook Shop allows you to make the check out (and therefore all payment transactions) directly within the Facebook platform. In Italy this feature is not yet active and for this reason it is necessary that all the products displayed in the online showcase of Facebook Shop present a link that refers to the web page of an e-commerce.

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On Facebook the password is: Content is king

On this social platform, the theme of content is fundamental and plays a decisive role in the customer's impression strategy. Good content is what guarantees the interaction from the user, which therefore will remember it longer than what has been seen online. The storytelling (i.e. the narration of your brand) has precisely the purpose of create a connection with the user who must be directly and emotionally involved in the corporate storytelling.

Content is important in the customer impression strategy, a good interaction allows you to remain etched in the mind.

Storytelling therefore has two objectives: to involve the user and make him interact with the content, in such a way as to have a full-bodied active user base, which is important for visibility. Therefore, it is important stimulate discussion and encourage participation.

All this must then be followed by a careful analysis of the audience that interacted with the content. The creation of pages and groups certainly helps the emotional involvement and user profiling.

Among the latest trends in social media interaction we also find the videos presented in the form of posts or stories. This type of content would seem, in fact, to attract the user's attention more. If they are creative videos, they will encourage a longer user stay on the page.

Creating engaging and interesting content on  Facebook it does not have the sole purpose of attracting users and potential customers. Indeed, this social network allows you to carry out user analysis and profiling through the collection of data. And this is of great importance for the creation of targeted advertising campaigns on social media.

Finally, after loading a content, it is important to make some post verification operations. Read comments, record i feedback of existing customers and answering any questions is often overlooked, but it can make a difference in the eyes of the user.

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Facebook is the ally for your business

Facebook can become a useful ally, a fundamental tool for the effectiveness of your business, but this only if you know how to use it correctly. Own one company page well cared for and with numerous followers it has several advantages; in fact, the greater the number of users who follow this page, the greater the possibility of optimizing advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads. In addition, a Facebook business page allows users to have a better understanding of a brand or product.

 get the concrete benefits of this social platform, however, it is necessary to carry out some effective and targeted activities through Facebook Business.

There are some steps or tips to follow to get the most out of Facebook for your business. First of all it is good to know that it is not enough to be present on the social platform but you need to have a strategy: it is not enough to open a company page and share photos, news and so on. In fact, it must be remembered that people always have a decidedly relevant and decisive value in the communication of their business. Just a clear one content strategy, structured through a defined editorial plan, allows users to be involved: captivating posts are important, but it is necessary to offer your fans interesting and above all targeted content.

Let's remember that: "If content is King, then context is Queen".

Still on the subject of content, you must always be original and engaging, taking advantage of all the potential offered by Facebook starting from the free ones, up to the paid ones as well Facebook Ads (which we will talk about later) . It is important, as already pointed out, to carry out a work of storytelling, because you have to attract and excite your audience thanks to captivating and exciting content and through the use of simple and persuasive languages.

The contents must be liked, they must involve and if this happens they will spread spontaneously through comments, sharing and interactions. This will bring great visibility to your business.

Content is an end in itself if there is no interaction with the audience. You have to get closer to your audience of users, talk to them, interact, answer questions and positive or negative feedback and respond in real time (this is where i chatbot). Like any social network, Facebook represents a tool for relating to one's audience. It is therefore essential to always be active.

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Facebook Ads: What It Is And Why Use It For Your Online Advertising

social media have become a channels effective molto to convey online advertisements, especially when it comes to business. Know the dynamics they govern Facebook Ads it has therefore become a priority in the world of e-commerce, marketing and advertising.

What is Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads is, trivially, the platform of the Social Network of the same name used for the creation of advertisements. Thanks to Facebook Ads it is possible to show these ads, aimed at promoting products or services, to users who, by interests, by age, by specific events or by geographical position, are positioned within a default target audience.

Facebook is the perfect channel for building a strong fan base and loyal customers, a base that can be used to grow your online business.

As for Google AdsFacebook campaigns are hierarchically structured, on three levels: CountrysideAd group ed Advertisements.

To create a campaign, you will first need to define a goal, choosing from 3 macro-categories that reflect the funnel of sale: Awareness, Consideration Conversion. Once the goal is indicated, it will be possible select the campaign detailstargetbudgettiming of publicationoffering e placement.

At the level of announcements it will then be possible to set them typology (image, carousel, video and others), testicall to action e destination link.

Advertising on Facebook thanks to Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads then allows you to create sponsored ads structured in real advertising campaigns. Facebook has a huge, impressive catchment area and exploiting the data provided spontaneously by users can be an opportunity not to be underestimated for your business.

It is therefore necessary to also enter paid listings in its editorial plan, in order to increase its online visibility and always find new customers. For a Facebook Ads campaign a relatively small budget is enough to reach a large audience, targeted with predefined parameters, such as interests, behaviors or socio-demographic information.

The management of Facebook campaigns are not for everyone, in fact, for a delicate issue like this it is always better to turn to professionals, you need knowledge of the functionality to be able to obtain truly effective campaigns.

A successful Facebook advertising campaign is based ondata analysis, feedback and insights. Facebook provides statistics and data to evaluate its performance and measure its activity, evaluating the results obtained. Knowing how to analyze metrics it is important for making evaluations post and identify strengths and weaknesses. Customer feedback is also very important to evaluate, or you could run the risk of dissatisfaction.

Follow the page with a criterion, interact, use sponsored and paid ads, and evaluating the data and feedback, will help you better manage the possibilities that Facebook offers for your business and thus get the most out of it. Clearly where the capabilities do not arrive and for the more technical operations it is always better to turn to professionals in the sector who will also be able to show you the most effective strategies to make your business grow in the best way on this social network.


Targeting your audience through Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very interesting and practical social network and is one of the most useful tools for growing your business as it allows you to profile your users. In fact, based on certain parameters it can targeting the user based on information that will then be reused for sending personalized campaigns.

Facebook is the perfect channel for building a strong fan base and loyal customers, a base that can be used to grow your online business.

The potential of a Facebook Ads campaign they are many. In fact, this tool allows you to create targeted advertisements according to certain parameters and targets outlined among the public of users.

Some examples of use? Do you want to increase user traffic to your e-commerce site? First of all it is necessary create an effective campaign to reach the target choice; then you have to enter the search parameters for the characteristics of the target you want to reach on Facebook Ads.

Le Facebook Ads they are paid tools that allow you to show advertisements, precisely advertising, about certain products and services. All this happens by targeting the public by age, gender, geographic location, interests, events or other parameters that have been decided as a reference.

How is it possible target audiences?

Very simple. Every day users share through Facebook, as they do through other social networks, information about them: from interests, positions, situations, thoughts and events that matter to you. All this data we provide goes to enrich the information that the Facebook database It owns.

All information is taken and stored and these data profile the type of user we are. Based on this profile, Facebook selects the most useful advertisements for us. The Facebook ads are effective thanks to the large amount of information that users share.


Facebook Ads and Facebook Business Manager

The first step to start creating Ads on Facebook is to activate an account on Facebook business manager.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

This is a fundamental management tool if you want to transform your social profiles into a real marketing tool for your business.

Facebook business manager it allows you to manage and monitor the activities of your social accounts. With this single tool you will then have the possibility to check the Facebook page and the Instagram profile of your business. Furthermore, you can more easily check the type of users who follow these social pages.

Business Manager also allows you to define roles within the management team of company social pages and profiles. The administrator therefore has the possibility of assigning more or less wide ranges of action to the various team members to intervene in different fields. This feature comes in really handy in case you want to entrust to professionals: you can in fact assign the management of the Facebook page or Instagram profile in complete safety and you can always check and verify their work.

Last, but not least, regarding Facebook business manager, and the management of advertisements. This tool, in fact, allows targeting of the public through the analysis of the collected data. Furthermore, it is through Facebook Business Manager that it is possible to create Facebook Ads campaigns  and define the audience, objectives and budget of the individual campaigns.

Without forgetting that Facebook business manager it also allows you to check the progress of these Ads and possibly intervene to better optimize the marketing activity on social channels.

Facebook Pixel: its role in advertising campaigns

After activating an account on Facebook business manager, before proceeding with the creation of an advertising campaign it is necessary to take one more small step: the activation of Facebook Pixels.

This tool is essential to collect user data, to define the target audience and to optimize advertising on Facebook.

Il pixel it is in fact a fragment of code that can be inserted into your website and helps to monitor the behavior of users who have interacted with an advertisement on Facebook connected to the website.

Specifically, when a user clicks on the advertisement link that refers to your web page, the pixel is activated, following and recording all his actions. This way you will be able to know if the user has made a purchase after interacting with your ad and you will be able check if your advertising campaign is really effective or whether it needs to be optimized.

To properly configure a Facebook Pixel it is essential to be familiar not only with Facebook management, but also with the structure of your website or e-commerce. For this reason, our advice is always to rely on professionals who will allow you to save time and money and will also help you analyze the data collected by the Facebook Pixel.

By exploiting all the potential of this tool, you can better optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook and increase your sales.

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Define Facebook Ads campaign goals

As we have already told you, Facebook Ads allows you to structure an advertising campaign by selecting one of the three types of objectives that reflect the funnel of sale: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

  • Awareness, or notoriety. This goal is aimed at raise awareness towards the brand by the users who will see the advertisement (brand awareness) and to show the ad to the greatest number of people (reach).
  • consideration, that is, consideration. This goal is aimed at users who already know the brand and aims to increase their interest. The campaigns related to the consideration, more precisely, they are aimed at increasing traffic, interactions, app installations, viewing videos, generating contacts or messages. Depending on your needs, you can decide which goal to target your Facebook Ads campaign.
  • Conversion, or conversion. This objective is aimed at Facebook pages linked to online shops, as it is aimed at Increase Sales. The campaigns Conversion they also allow you to create advertisements that convert user interaction with web content into a real sale.

Each of the three macro-categories of objectives is made up of further sub-categories: this allows you to better refine the results of your advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads.

Before activating a campaign on Facebook Ads and therefore before investing your budget, it is essential know clearly what results you want to achieve to be able to select the right category of objectives.

Furthermore, at this stage, you must not forget about name your campaign. Choose a name that allows you to immediately identify the target of those Ads, their target audience and how those campaigns fit into your promotional strategy.

Details make the difference in Facebook Ads campaigns

Once you have selected the objective of your campaign, it is time to think about the individual ad groups and carefully define the last details to have successful Ads:

  • Target: Facebook Ads offers the ability to precisely select the audience to show certain Ads. It is indeed possible target the public on the basis of demographic and personal data, or on the basis of their interests expressed on the social network. Facebook then allows you to choose a target that includes not only the people who follow your page but also their friends. Precisely for this reason it is essential to have an active and dynamic Facebook page: the more your followers, the greater the potential audience of your ads.
  • Budget: before finally activating your campaign on Facebook Ads, it is good that you already have in mind what budget you will want to spend. Facebook allows you to choose between a daily budget and a total campaign budget depending on your needs. At the moment when yes defines the budget on Facebook Ads it is also possible to determine how long the advertisement will be displayed (duration), the type of ad optimization and the type of offer (for example CPC or cost per "click" on the ad, which turns out to be the best option for most ads).
  • Placement: ads created through Facebook Ads they can be viewed not only in the News Feed, but also in Stories, in the Marketplace or as in-stream Videos. In addition, they can also appear in other platforms related to the behemoth of Mark Zuckerberg such as Instagram e Messenger as well as on other sites and apps. The positioning can be chosen independently, or it is possible to rely on the positioning automatically chosen by Facebook in order to optimize the campaign based on the defined objectives.

Facebook Ads campaign: how to create a winning ad

Defining your target audience is the first and important step in creating one advertising campaign on successful Facebook Ads. Remember, in fact, that Content is king and even in creating advertisements you will therefore have to pay close attention to the content to intrigue your audience and lead them to click on the advertisement.

When it comes to content, you should not make the mistake of limiting yourself to textual content only, but you must also take care of the graphics (images or videos) that make up the Ads and that must address the target audience in the correct and captivating way.

The main elements that make up an advertisement on Facebook Ads are:

  • Title: in just 25 characters, the title of your advertisement must be able to be clear and incisive. With a few words (between 4 and 5 at the most), you will therefore have to summarize the content of your ad and above all attract the user's attention.
  • Caption: the ad text must present a precise description of the content of your offer. Also in this case it is essential to aim for clarity and synthesis through the use of a simple language set according to one's target audience. Inside the caption it is very important to insert a call to action (CTA) that prompts the user to perform the action suggested within the advertisement.
  • Description: the description of the advertisement appears below the title and has the task of directing the user to action. The few characters available for the description have the task of provide more details than what is expressed by the title.
  • Link to the website: Facebook gives the possibility to make the link of your website visible within the description.
  • Call to action (CTA): that is the fulcrum of an advertisement on Facebook Ads. The call to action, already anticipated in the caption, consists in making the user who has read and paid attention to the advertisement act. “Find out more”, “Download this e-book”, “Download the app”, “Buy here”, are some of the most used calls to action. Also in this passage it is important to be concise, clear and incisive.
  • Image: an ad on Facebook is not only composed of a textual part, but also presents an image, a carousel and a video that have the task of attracting the user's attention and invite him to linger on the advertisement. The graphic part of an advertisement must always be consistent with the message you want to convey and with your target audience.

Facebook Ads

How to optimize a Facebook Ads campaign 

To get concrete results thanks to Facebook Ads, it is not enough to create a campaign, but you have to learn to control its progress in order to be able to optimize its performance over time. Once the advertisements have been published, it is good to monitor them constantly every day to check if it is necessary to make changes, for example in the target audience, or even deactivate campaigns that are not giving results. Optimize a Facebook Ads campaign it takes time and many attempts, as the Facebook algorithm refines over time.

Facebook also offers the ability to optimize ads through a test A / B which allows you to compare different versions of Ads, to see which is the most effective. Facebook Ads allows you to carry out this A / B test through a guided creation, la duplication of an adset already created or through a process of quick creation. These tests allow you to optimize the use of your budget to have better and more effective campaigns.

It is also important to always be clear about your objectives and your target audience and you must always be ready to intervene in the correct way on the campaigns launched by regularly updating the advertisements and possibly carrying out retargeting operations. So for optimize a campaign on Facebook Ads, you need to be patient and know how to carefully analyze all the details that make up the different ad groups. And to do this in the best possible way, our advice is to rely on experts in the sector who will be able to create tailor-made and winning campaigns for you.

Facebook Ads

How to use Facebook Ads for Instagram?

Facebook Ads is a fundamental tool for your business as it allows you to create advertising campaigns not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, a social network that is having an increasing following. Just add your Instagram account to Business Manager or connect it to your Facebook page.

When new advertisements are created, Facebook Ads offers the possibility to select different types of positioning, including Instagram, as we have already mentioned. Ads may appear in different advertising formats (images, carousels or videos) and can appear in the news feed, in the explore section, in the Shop section or among the Reels. Compared to Ads on Facebook, on Instagram the graphic part is given greater importance than the textual part.

Even in the creation of advertising campaigns for Instagram, it is important to be clear about your goal and your target audience: the users who frequent Instagram are not the same as those who frequent Facebook. This means that successful ads on Facebook may not have the same response on Instagram: it is therefore essential know your audience and interests.

Instagram also allows you to promote content by sponsoring them directly through the app. This system, however, only allows you to know the number of people who see the promoted post. Through Facebook Business Manager it is possible to monitor the progress of your advertisements on Instagram and carry out analysis, optimization and retargeting operations.

Facebook Ads

Why use Facebook Ads?

Why use it?

The answer is very simple: needless to say how Facebook has entered the lives of billions - literally! - of people in the world, from Harvard to American universities, to European ones, to the whole world. With these premises it is almost inappropriate to ask the question, but let's try to give a more complete answer by listing a series of valid reasons to use Facebook Ads as an acquisition channel:

  1. Billions of users just a click away: to date, active users on Facebook are 2.2 billion; your customers are, will be and will remain on Facebook for quite a while.
  2. Data: Facebook is certainly the result of a brilliant idea, but if it has become a global giant it owes it to a reason: Big Data! Billions of users correspond to an almost infinite number of data: marketing and not using them is a real "crime".
  3. Accuracy in the target and optimization of the campaign: we have just talked about the amount of data to which one has access; the implications are obvious: an almost perfect targeting. Users are profiled based on demographic information, educational qualifications, family composition, interests, location, actions performed on the web and much more - and in an extremely intelligent way! Also, Facebook is a great tool remarketing: Sponsored ads for your site visitors will be a great way to increase conversions.
  4. Effectiveness: Just simply look at the results of Facebook Ads. The increase in ROI recorded on average in both B2C and B2B is very high: a good Facebook campaign is, nowadays, an indispensable element for anyone wishing to approach the world of online marketing. And, needless to say, this should include any business, operating in any industry.
  5. Risk diversification: we have already said this in the past, but we would like to reiterate it: the world of the web is constantly evolving. There are no granite beliefs, there are no immutable rules. Relying on a single paid acquisition channel - Google Ads - is certainly not the least risky strategy. Diversifying acquisition channels is and must be the only viable strategy.
  6. Instagram Ads uses the same platform as Facebook. That Instagram was acquired by the Zuckerberg giant is now well known, but there's more: with a simple one tick on a box it is possible to choose on which Social Network to display the campaign. Creating a campaign on Facebook Ads means, in other words, being able to transfer it to the Instagram page in one click, further expanding the coverage.
  7. Cost per click is generally lower than in Google Ads. It is not an absolute rule, but the CPC tends to be lower in many areas: seeing is believing.
  8. Keeping up with the times: 18 years after its launch, Facebook is growing continuously - just think that it is currently worth over 500 billion dollars, about 41 times the value of Twitter - and the budgets dedicated to advertising on social media, doubled in the last two years, are constantly increasing - the growth forecast for 2022 is over 26%! How not to rely on the most revolutionary Social Network ever?

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

When it comes to paid online advertisingrelying on Google Ads always seems to be the most obvious option. Why also consider Facebook Ads? What are the differences between the two channels?

First of all, it is good to identify the fundamental difference: la dealer on Google it is generally addressed to a conscious question, as these are ads related to direct search by users. On the contrary, Facebook covers the latent demand: allows you to reach potential customers, adequately profiled and targeted.

To understand which tool to use, it is therefore first of all necessary to ask yourself what the objectives of the campaign are.

If you aim for the latent question, i.e. not expressed or manifested through research, Facebook Ads is certainly the most suitable choice: offers a valid alternative to the Google Display Network, allowing you to show advertising to personalized targets. If, on the other hand, you want to ask an informed question, the classic ads on the Google Ads Search Network will be the most suitable choice.

And there's more!

Facebook is a great remarketing tool: by selecting the users who have visited a particular web page, it is in fact possible to create targeted advertisements for the traffic obtained from your website, regardless of the acquisition channel.

Generally, it is advisable to use both platforms together: first of all, this allows for good coverage, reaching both latent and potential demand; secondly, using Google Ads at the same time to ensure a good ranking with certain keywords will avoid the risk of "giving" potential customers to your competitors.

One last tip! A Facebook Ads campaign may seem simple, but it requires a series of evaluations, analyzes and continuous monitoring and refinement through AB test. Since these are always paid campaigns, it is advisable to contact whomwithin the company, possesses greater skills and experience in the field; alternatively, seek advice from external consultants may prove to be the best solution: you will save time and money!


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