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Digital marketing for the furniture sector

No matter what industry a business is in, there is no denying the importance of the today digital marketing for the promotion of products or services. In fact, both small local businesses and large multinationals need to be present online with a solid strategy aimed at increasing their visibility and, consequently, their sales.

Own a E-commerce it is no longer a prerogative of those who manage their sales exclusively online; in fact, more and more physical stores have transferred part of their business online. This also applies to the furniture sector where, in recent years, those who have opened e-commerce and have adopted targeted strategies of digital marketing has managed to significantly increase sales.

Our agency follows important clients operating in the furniture sector and has developed marketing strategies for both online shops and physical stores.

Digital marketing: the specifics of the furniture sector

Il furniture sector presents some specificities that you need to take into consideration when defining a digital marketing strategy. First of all, the field of furnishings is very vast (ranging from furniture to lighting, from carpets to home accessories) and full of ever new and ever more aggressive competitors. The importance of digital marketing for the furniture sector is well demonstrated by Riva 1920, one of our success stories. This historic Italian company, specialized in the production of solid wood furnishings, has in fact transferred its marketing activity from traditional to digital thanks to Viva Digital.

Another factor to take into consideration is that of internationalization which pushes many Italian companies to sell their products also on foreign markets. The example is that of Italian Light Store, an e-commerce of lighting items, for which we have developed advertising campaigns in English and French, both on social networks and on Google, with the aim of reaching an ever wider international target.

Or the historic sofa company Flexstyle, which has been producing handcrafted sofas since 1988 that we tell about through social media and advertising campaigns, as well as having created a modern and identifying site.

Over the years, working with various clients operating in this broad sector, we have developed several integrated strategies, capable of adapting to the specifics of each activity and its needs. In fact, we have taken care of realizing advertising campaigns through search engines and on Google, we have developed email marketing strategies for customer loyalty. For our historic customer Morandi Carpets we have in fact designed PR activity with designers and influencers active in the field of furniture and interested in the carpet sector.

We are an agency that follows all content creation, social media planning and all-round advertising campaigns. As is the case with poster e-commerce Lunardeco

Furthermore, we have specialized in the creation of e-commerce, optimized for a better positioning on the main search engines.

E-commerce in the furniture sector: our strategy

A platform E-commerce, if well developed and structured both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view, allows the sales of a company operating in the furniture sector to increase exponentially year after year.

Il place must first be user-friendly: the user must be comfortable while visiting it and must be able to find everything he is looking for quickly and easily, without having to make an effort to find what he needs. Indeed, this is always an extremely positive factor which favors the completion of the purchase by the customer.

Aesthetics also play a fundamental role, as the graphics must be captivating to entice the user to continue visiting the site and not abandon it, especially as regards the landing page, which is the main page of the site on which ” users. This page must be designed in such a way that the user recognizes it immediately the identity of the site.

An e-commerce that operates in the furniture sector must also be organized according to a logical structure. The products must in fact be divided into categories and subcategories so that the user can easily identify what the site sells. Furniture is a sector in which product aesthetics play a crucial role in consumer choice. It is therefore necessary to make them clearly visible via photographs that are able to enhance lines and shapes, from different angles and in different environments.

Over the years we have gained great experience in the creation and subsequent promotion of e-commerce platforms for companies operating in the furniture sector. For Italian Lamp, an online lighting store, we have in fact created a modern and representative site, optimized from the point of view of user experience; instead, for the online home improvement franchise Things For Home we specialize in the management of dropshipping system and order synchronization.

How to sell furniture online

Creating a well-done ecommerce platform for the sale of furniture products it is only the first step in developing one successful online business. In fact, to increase the visibility of the online shop and the number of potential customers, it is necessary to develop other digital marketing strategies. The site and the marketing strategy were designed around the exclusive product created by the Italian company Poly Line. 

We at Viva Digital, for our customers operating in the furniture sector, offer promotional strategies through social platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, in order to advertise the products and reach as many people as possible. This activity requires careful content planning which takes place through the creation of innovative and functional editorial plans, aimed not only at promoting e-commerce, but also at defining a brand identity.

Another fundamental activity for the growth of a site is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which allows you to optimize e-commerce on search engines and place it in the top positions when a user searches for a product. SEO is realized through the production of creative and captivating content, which thanks to carefully selected keywords, allow the site to improve its positioning. Our team of expert and specialized copywriters, starting from the main ones industry keywords, creates articles that range from advice for furnishing or lighting a room, to telling the story of a product and its use.

Our agency has been dealing with digital marketing projects for the furniture sector for several years and having increased the e-commerce of the customers who have chosen us, we consider ourselves real professionals in the field. Within our site you can find other successfully completed projects in addition to those mentioned above, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency for the promotion of your e-commerce of furniture products do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation, we are ready to make ourselves available for your business!

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