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Adwords, Seo, E-Commerce Consultancy To Increase Sales

La advice it is an important sector for every company. Have an excellent communication channel means reaching a large number of customers in a short time.

Digital Marketing helps to develop our business on the web, it is a functional tool for increase the visibility of our company, therefore, to ensure that more and more users become aware of it and are interested in our business.

Google Ads it is a very powerful tool that allows the management of online advertising campaigns on search networks like Google, Yahoo, Bing and even on display networks.

Get the chance to have a consultant Adwords allows you to manage in the best way this huge ocean that is the network.

In fact, those who are beginners seem to be able to understand how Adwords works but we must not forget that Google, which should be understood as a user, aims to earn from Pay Per Click, and all of this creates an ongoing battle between those who run new advertisements and Google itself.

In short, it seems like a fight to the death that only the real experts how Adwords consultants can control and win.

Why Requesting an SEO Marketing Consultancy is Essential

A consultant SEO marketing is the mandatory step for every company that wants to shine.

Our Digital Marketing experts are at the service of your company. But let's start from the bottom, why is SEO so important? Having an SEO consultant working for you is the first step to guaranteed success.

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means all activities that aim at improve positioning in the SERPs or in the pages for answering user questions.

SEO consultants use the most accurate and state-of-the-art tools to ensure that your website and consequently your company rank at the top. In this way, users who type the keywords also related to your sector will find your website among the first of the search.

This website then must also be easy to navigate, precise and schematic.

In fact, let's imagine we have one good SEO but an incomprehensible e-commerce, how do customers buy any of our products or services? But don't worry, the solution to every problem is always around the corner.

An e-commerce consultant serves specifically for this, a enhance your products and highlight them so they are easy to find and buy. "Even the eye wants its part”: We have heard this sentence many times and we know how true it is. You have to consider who a company's website is a bit as if it were his showcase.

The products must be photographed in such a way that their beauty can emerge and the play of light is essential.

In front of a normal shop window each of us expects that whatever is shown, clothing or objects for the home or whatever, are well placed and organized, that the price is written clearly and precisely, so that you are tempted to buy that particular service or product.

If the shop windows were chaotic and without light, every shop could close tomorrow. An e-commerce consultant normally has a huge amount of experience on his shoulders and he is not wrong, he knows where he has to aim and what is the way to win over competitors.

Because great e-commerce means first and foremost victory over the competition.

In fact, let's imagine that we have a company that produces and sells swimwear, since there are thousands of companies that sell swimwear online for the summer, you have to find a way to stand out from the others and be the perfect choice of customers, the choice that suits them, the choice they are looking for.

Only an e-commerce consultant knows the secrets to achieving this advantageous position.

Web Consulting and Marketing Consulting: The Best Choice

Request one advice Web and a advice Marketing is the final step to make sure that the products we want to trade are widely known by everyone.

Marketing is in fact that branch of the economy that deals withanalysis of the interaction between market and users of a company.

It is easy to understand that if you have high visibility and therefore users and potential customers are not visibly interested in our products, the sale will be greater and consequently also the revenue.

This is why focusing on marketing and advertising with Adwords means extensively promoting our company.

Innovation and dynamism: the two keywords that they must be the basis of our strategy of Digital Marketing to ensure that this is effective.

Keep up with the news, use more than one communication channel and more than one social channel. This last point is fundamental because a single channel communication could be a double-edged sword, it is indeed a temporary position.

In fact, let's imagine that at some point a platform closes or is no longer used.

If my strategy was based only on that particular channel then my strategy is also dead with that channel.

Adwords Consultancy that Allows You to Create a Personalized Advertising

Adwords is a tool, we could say a software, specializing in the purchase of advertising space from advertisers and their resale.

It is the intermediary between the bidder and the buyer. In the field of Digital Marketing the creation of these advertising campaigns is a must.

What's more, they are all customizable advertisements and allow intelligent monetization management.

It should not be thought that it is an old method that has existed for some time, on the contrary. This tool is one of the latest innovations in Digital Marketing that every web consultant knows.

That's why choosing to rely on an expert allows you to be calm and not worry about the background of your company but at the same time be always up to date with the latest news.

Dedicate yourself to core business of the company, always having your back covered is certainly reassuring.

This guarantees a greater concentration on the production and management of the services offered to the customer and also a sure return. Summing up, Digital Marketing is an investment.

Orient yourself in the Vast World of Digital Marketing

The term Digital Marketing is a term "umbrella" that is used to describe the various forms of marketing that are done online.

As many of you will know and as we have mentioned above, this term includes, but is not limited to, Web Design and Development, Geofencing, SEO, Paid Social Media, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and much more.

Digital marketing allows businesses to leverage multiple online channels to better target their customers and potential customers. It brings together all the latest marketing tools, technology and trends, and uses them to help businesses of all shapes and sizes effectively reach their customers and prospects.

Each channel is designed for a different audience and offers various targeting methods.

For example, Facebook advertising provides the ability to target people by demographics, psychography, and online browsing behaviors. Basically it works well for generating awareness (the user does not know that X exists, but may be interested), interest (the user may know that X exists, but is now interested), and the desire of a product or service. This is part of the AIDA marketing funnel (Attention - Interest - Desire - Action).

Google AdWords, on the other hand, it can be used to find potential customers who are actively looking to buy NOW based on their searches (research and shopping advertising) or just for generate awareness and interest (display and video ads).

The reality is that, thanks to new technologies, people are now spending more time online than ever.

The average person spends twice as much time online as they did 12 years ago, which means the way people buy products and services has changed. The fact is, offline marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be, which is why digital marketing is become such a popular option for many brands.

What is the Role of the Marketing Consultant

Basically, the marketing consultant is a highly qualified professional who knows how to target consumers and knows the tricks to communicate effectively to the public online.

Lo purpose of the marketing consultant is to increase sales for a company.

A marketing consultant, however, does not take care of every aspect of advertising, in fact, if you already have one clear idea of ​​how you intend to create your campaign (target, images, etc.) then you will want to contact an advertising agency. The consultant works with businesses, from startups to large corporations, to determine the best way to engage existing and potential customers.

A marketing consultant uses an existing business model within the company to consider what potential market exists for that specific company and from these foundations creates one effective marketing strategy for the brand.

Some of the typical responsibilities of a marketing consultant they can be:

  • Finding new opportunities to contact potential customers and retarget existing ones;
  • Evaluate existing strategies marketing and optimize them
  • Improve il Branding initial;
  • Increase engagement customers with the brand and improve communication in general;
  • Coordinate the platforms and the contents, making sure that they are all compatible with the different formats required by different platforms;

In general the A Marketing Consultant's job is quite varied, offering help in many different areas of online marketing to reach better leads on various platforms.

How Digital Marketing Consultancy Can Change Your Business

I results we should expect from a marketing consultancy and obviously, from the implementation of the strategy suggested by the consultant are very many.

They could, however identify ten key points which bring together the main objectives to be pursued:

  • Improve Your Social Media: Many businesses don't have time to effectively manage their social media, but this is where all their customers and prospects spend most of their time. A digital marketing consultant can help you take your campaigns to the next level;
  • Generate Leads: a good marketer knows that his main purpose is to increase sales and find new customers, so he will create ad hoc campaigns towards landing pages created for the purpose;
  • Website Optimization and SEO: The consultant must be a tech expert in addition to your particular business. The consultant will need to optimize your platform to improve the user experience. In addition to this he will have to make sure that your site gets good visibility and good positioning in search engines;
  • Brand building: for almost all marketers, the brand is the central figure of marketing, much more powerful than any advertisement in a newspaper. A digital marketer must know exactly how to build a personal and effective brand;
  • Online and Organic Advertising: the marketer is also able to reach better targets depending on the budget of those who contact him;
  • Content Creation: they are the main thing in marketing. Educating consumers and giving them relevant information is the first mission of any communicator. Even though it is a time-consuming activity it is still effective in the long run;
  • Visual Communication: the aesthetic sense and a certain coherence in the design of the communication are fundamental characteristics to identify a good digital marketer.
  • Interactions with the Audience: increasing engagement is one of the fundamental steps to allow a brand to be successful over the competition, and this requires consumer care;
  • Constant Research and Data: correcting each campaign throughout its existence is a job that must be done 24 / 24h;
  • Automation and Scalability: the more the strategy advances, the more it will be necessary to automate it, so knowledge of the latest technologies is essential.

Why Marketing Consultancy is important

You want to kickstart yours online activities in 2020? Or do you think that your e-commerce is not performing at its best?

Una digital marketing consultancy can help you understand what the digital market requires right now e in what direction e-commerce is moving.

What are the e-commerce trends for 2020? What are the aspects not to be underestimated to increase visits, sessions and sales of our virtual shop? 

E-commerce definitely is a comfortable, practical and profitable business.

Unlike traditional retail which has been undergoing a sharp and drastic decline for some time now, e-commerce shows no sign of stopping its growth and to establish itself as the first sales channel on the world market.

The convenience for the customer to be able to shop from home, la ease of finding products which are difficult to find in stores in your area, the significant savings for the consumer, mainly due toreduction of distribution costs , possibility of making the return free of charge, are just some of the reasons why e-commerce is a a sector that remains solid over time.

Solid but Evolving.

One of the goals achieved by e-commerce in recent years has been to acquire payment systems ever easier and safer, like i e-wallets.

In addition to the already existing Apple Pay and G-Pay, recently the global leader in the online commerce sector, Amazon, has developed its own personal e-wallet: Amazon Pay.

Consumers feel more and more relaxed about shopping online therefore for an e-commerce it is necessary to adopt comfortable and safe measures, like those of the payment methods, which encourage the customer to purchase.

Your product in a video, better than many words

One of the biggest flaws in e-Commerce is the inability to touch the product by hand before proceeding to purchase.

In 2020 the solution to this problem comes from video descriptions: a video maker can help you create short audio-video content of excellent quality that show the product, its correct functioning and also the various ways of use.

The video allows you to see the three-dimensional product and immediately grasp its main functions.


Augmented reality and virtual reality

Ma the true frontier of video descriptions are the augmented reality platforms (AR).

Augmented reality apps use the phone's camera to show a view of the real world before the eyes of the beholder.

From a base image, gods are then added levels of information, such as text and / or other images.

To do this, augmented reality makes use of the use of a smartphone (or a tablet), on which it is possible download an AR application.

Take for example the Swedish furniture giant Ikea, which already allows AR on its official app.

However, the peculiarity of many e-commerce is the Virtual Reality (VR): a technology capable of transporting to a reality different from the one we are in through a very widespread technology, that of optical viewers o virtual reality viewers.

An estimate counts that 71% of consumers would buy more products if the retailer offered them virtual reality and 2020 seems to be the right year to do so.

If it is about clothing, for example, the video can give important ideas on how a garment could be used and worn, as well as ideas that lead the still doubtful customer to buy.

In the field of e-stores for clothing, accessories, beauty care and objects, the new trend, which has already been running for a couple of years, is that integration with the main social channels and on the latter the creation of additional purchase pages. An example above all is that of Instagram Shopping which allows you to have one on social media second sales platform, parallel to the official website.

But the real trend is to partner with an influencer (specifically with nano-influencers) that they can sponsor products on their channels at the same time create engaging content which video and vlog to be able to integrate with the product descriptions on the site, a solution that brings obvious advantages to both parties.

Alexa and Siri: two accomplices of your e-commerce

Another important data to be analyzed for a winning e-commerce it comes from Google and concerns one of the trendiest tools in recent years: virtual assistants e voice search.

One statistic reports that 20% of all Google search queries takes place via voice search.

But even more significant is that the 71% of all mobile users aged 18-29 use voice assistants on their smartphones, instead of typing.

Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google's voice assistant are increasingly popular.

In fact, it is estimated that in 2023 about 8 billion mobile devices will be equipped with them.

As a result, searches for "Vocal shopping" with a value forecast of 40 billion for 2022.

At this stage the technology is so new and developing that it seems that not all marketers and e-Commerce owners have guessed the importance of this type of purchase, tuttavia ease and immediacy with which you can buy through these voice assistants should not be underestimated.

It is easy to see how upcoming trends will inevitably be influenced by technological advances such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and big data.

The importance of mobile devices continues to play an important role in attracting traffic and successful conversions.

Keeping up with the times is necessary and we we are ready to help you not to be left behind.

What will the consultant do for your company?

A digital consultant it does much more than meets the eye, they can specialize in one of these areas, but only a trained team can guarantee you effective results at 360 degrees.

Only in this way you will be able to have a marketing strategy that allows you to manage at the same time:

  • SEO
  • advertising
  • Development Design
  • Social Media

Despite the various fields in which our team is experienced, our first and fundamental goal is increase your sales!

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