Green Initiatives

Compensate your CO2 emissions, we give you advice

As we have already announced, we at Viva Digital we have become Carbon Neutral. We have in fact decided to minimize our climate footprint by supporting with a recurring donation Mossy Earth. Thanks to our support, this association will plant for us every year 48 trees, necessary a offset all our CO2 emissions.

Mossy Earth has long been engaged in fight against climate change and in the protection of our Earth and its mission is simple and clear. In fact, this association has the objective of restoring ecosystems damaged by man, restoring biodiversity, preventing the spread of invasive species, avoiding excessive degradation of the soil, protecting native species and reforesting our planet as much as possible.

Why choose Mossy Earth

Who, like us, decides to financially support this association becomes active member of a community dynamic that has the opportunity to express its opinion on the progress of projects and to participate in the selection of new initiatives.

In addition to the direct involvement of its supporters, Mossy Earth It stands for extreme transparency in the management of projects and in the communication of their progress. Community members can in fact check the initiatives they support by consulting detailed maps and photos and live updates.

In addition, the team that organizes and coordinates the different projects, made up of specialists in the sector, works every day for maximize economic resources made available by community members.

As you may have guessed, we really care about Mossy Earth's work and that's why we want to ask for your help! We would like to point out right away that we at Viva Digital are in no way connected to Mossy Earth, except as donors. Our interest is simply to spread as much as possible an initiative aimed at safeguarding our planet and consequently to make the future of all of us better.

If you will help us in supporting this project by becoming an active member of Mossy Earth, we have decided to thank you give you our advice.

Offset CO2 emissions for free advice

To get this free advice, you will have to independently make a donation in favor of Mossy Earth and you will then have to send us a proof that certifies the actual donation made by you. After these few simple steps, you will be able to program one hour of telephone consultation with our founder Marco Scarsella.

Based on your specific needs, you can decide whether to opt for a consultancy focused on marketing, personal branding, business development or sales.

To get ready for the call, we will ask you to send a brief introduction to your business in writing or via voice prior to the consultation. In this way Marco will be able to give you the right tips and the best advice with precision.

On normal occasions, the commercial value of this consultancy is € 200, but, as we told you, it will be totally free for you who have decided to support the precious initiatives of Mossy Earth.

If you are interested and would like more information about it, you can contact us directly through our e-mail address: